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Roller banners available at Swift Colour Bristol

Roller banners are a good choice when space is limited. Banner stands are also easy to carry and requre little storage space. The choice of use is yours, use them on their own or plan together to make roller banners the centre of your display. At Swift Colour we can guarantee whatever you buy from us it will be excellent value for money. One of the larger selling points of a banner stand is its simplicity, and how easily and quickly it can be set up.

Pull up banners
are portable display units that are designed to carry an eye catching graphic. A roller banner is ideal for use at exhibitions, conferences, retail outlets or in any public building where a bigger graphic needs to be displayed. Pull up banners are lightweight, simple to use and are ideal for one person to carry and put up.

Although we try to offer you low cost value possible, we understand that the materials you use in your advertising campaigns will be taken by potential customers as a representation of your own standards and therefore we do not compromise on quality and all work is finished to the highest grade Possible.

Swift Colour
offer a comprehensive range of stylish, cost-effective banner stands ensuring we have a product that is ideal for your particular needs. Marler Haley\'s state of the art graphics guarantee no edge-curling and no de-lamination; delivering your message with maximum impact. Your Pull up banners stand will be a good investment. Eachpull up banner stand also conveniently packs into a carry case.

Are pull up banners start from as little as £50. Ask in store for full deails alternatively send us an e-mail.

Buisness Cards Gloucester

At swift Colour we don’t just create quality canvas wall prints we also produce business cards either for yourself or business? At Swift Colour, you will find some of the best designs available online that you can personally customize with your details. Designed by are fully trained staff, everyone can now have their own custom cards chosen from a huge variety of styles, colours and sizes, and logo placements are also included. If after looking through the designs, and you feel you need something even more personalized, just let us know and we can design for you exactly what you looking for.

Business cards are one of our specialities and these are printed on the highest quality paper to help you present the best image possible for your company. All are buisness cards benefit from litho graphic printing. One major advantage of the lithography is that the soft rubber surface of the blanket creates a clear impression on a wide variety of paper surfaces and materials. Lithography printing is easily recognized by its smooth print, as well as by the lack on any impression or ring of ink or serrated edges that are characteristic of letterpress or gravure printing.

Business cards that look presentable can make a big difference. A nice business card in inviting colors makes it much more likely to be noticed in a wallet full of cards. If you have ever been to a sales meeting, I am sure you can agree. We all pass business cards out, but how many do we actually take notice of? A personalized business card will give you that little edge over your many rival companies. It also shows that you are a person who is persistant and creative.

If you wish to use your own image or logo on your buisness card then just bring it into our shop (Swift Colour Gloucester) or you can send us via an email. If your bringing in any image you can either use a CD or a portable media device. Once a member of are skilled team has your image we can go about creating your buisness card. All are buisness cards are available in variety of finishes.

500 full colour double sided buisness cards on 400gsm silk or matt finish Only £39.99. Check Out www.swiftcolour.com for full details.

Or try one of our more popular buisness card options
500 full clour double sided uv spot buisness cards on 400gsm silk finish only £99. Check Out www.swiftcolour.com for full details.

Gloucester Canvas Prints

Gloucester Canvas Prints

Canvas art prints are a breathtaking way to display your pictures in a unique way. At Swift Colour we specialize in canvas wall prints for your home, office or business. Our canvas prints are a great way to display your digital photos on canvas. We print on real woven canvas without plastic coatings and then our canvas art prints are custom hand stretched over a strong anti-warping European stretcher frames. Wall prints are a unique way of displaying your family pictures instead of the more traditional framed pictures. Not only can you display your family and friends but we can create brilliant landscapes, sunsets, digital art, family pets and so much mor.

The Best Photos for Wall Prints

At the end of the day it is not difficult to choose the best photos for your canvas art prints. Photos are just one type of picture and design that can be added to wall prints. Digital format pictures of any type can be used although generally speaking, the better the quality of the photo the better the quality of the canvas art prints. So while it is possible to use scanned photos, you should ensure that the scanned file is of a good quality to get the best results. The larger Canvas Art Prints work especially well with higher resolution. In a lot of scenerios, a canvas art prints can be created using a paper print photo or image although, again, the bigger the better so you ensure the greatest possible quality of image reproduction. The print itself is a high quality canvas art print providing the best quality of digital printing, crystal clear colours, and a strong finish.

Great Idea for a Present

As each canvas prints is unique they make an excellent present for family or friends. You can create any picture you like with an array of different effects and finishes. A wall prints could be an excellent Birthday present for your Mum or a New Years Day present for your God Father. Every one of our wall prints is scratch resistant, fade resistant and they don’t crack or tear.

Making Your Canvas Prints

All of our materials used are of the highest quality to ensure that only the best grade canvas and pine makes it into our canvas prints. Using the latest HDR Epson inks and printing technology we are able to achieve the most vivid colours and full textured blacks. Every one of our wall prints has many benefits, the canvas art print is water & fade resistant and they will not tear or crack. The frames benefit as they have been heat tampered and there is little or no bendage in the frame. With all of these benefits the end result is a truly impressive piece of wall art. Our expertly and fully trained personnel are dedicated to producing the highest quality canvas art prints across the industry by carefully inspecting and stretching our canvas prints to our exacting standards.

Swift Colour is based in the UK and takes care to ensure that all of our materials are ethically sourced so you can buy wall prints with complete peace of mind. Epson HDR Inks Epson Ultra Chrome Inks are pigmented inks with high pigment density, resin coating for more stability, an even surface and gloss, high stability on a wide variety of media including fine art, speciality and plain paper. Epson Ultra chrome HDR provides a much wider tonal range. This means higher colour accuracy, greater subtlety and smoother gradations. As well as vivid green and orange tones, photo black and matte black. The addition of orange and green inks takes inkjet colour performance to an entirely new level. Grass and foliage will be much more vivid and natural, while orange tones like sunsets will be more dazzling. Photographers will be delighted to see that the orange ink also lessens the graininess in skin tones. No matter what type of printing you are doing, Epson Ultra chrome HDR will give you quality unlike anything you\'ve seen before.

Customizing Your Wall Prints

We tailor make canvas art prints to your requirements. Are highly trained personnel can use any number of their skills using are customized software including an editing and resizing service which allows you to reproduce your own digital images or artwork onto a stunning, custom-made canvas wall prints. Are personnel can also remove scratches from photo’s, sun bleaching marks, enhance faded colours, remove people or objects, change backgrounds and much more. Every wall print in our store can be customized to suit your home d├ęcor or workplace whatever your colour scheme or setting. To truly make your wall art unique you can email us your favourite image which we will carefully edit to your requirements. We can resize, re-colour and carefully edit the photo to an higher level of quality and accuracy.

Canvas Art Prints Aftercare

Ideally canvas wall art should not be hung above radiators. Extreme or rapid changes in temperature can cause paper and wood to warp and dry out and wall prints to expand. Damp can cause canvas to ripple, causing unsightly lines and possibly distorting the image. Damp also encourages mould growth - likely to show as brown stains. Conservation framing can slow these effects, but it is always good to avoid hanging framed canvas prints in humid conditions. Allow six months before hanging pictures on newly plastered walls. Read all about keeping your canvas wall prints in excellent condition condition here. We hope you enjoy our selection of canvas prints, if there is anything you would like to know about our photos, quality or printing specifications please e-mail us.

Monday, 30 January 2012

February Sale 50% Off Canvas Prints

During February Swift Colour are offering 50% off all Canvas Prints. This is for a limited time only while stocks last. Swift colour can produce a Canvas Print that you will treasure and keep for a lifetime. We use only the best products to create the perfect Canvas Print. We use only the highest quailty inks printed on high quality durable canvas. Come and visit us in the East Gate Shopping Centre Gloucester.

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